In the pattern of "If you give a mouse a cookie," this cute post travels the journey of motherhood and reminds moms everywhere that God sustains you in each season of parenting. Mothers need encouragement and hope more than anyone!

If God Makes You a Mommy

In the pattern of "If you give a mouse a cookie," this cute post travels the journey of motherhood and reminds moms everywhere that God sustains you in each season of parenting. Mothers need encouragement and hope more than anyone!If God makes you a Mommy,
You’ll ask him to hold you through the pregnancy.
When he holds you through the pregnancy,
He’ll also give you grace.

Then he’ll give you strength to make it through the birth.
You’ll thank him as you hold your baby close.
That night in the stillness while the baby sleeps down in the hospital nursery, you’ll smile as you sleep soundly. For the very last time.


Once you’re home, the baby will wake up every hour, every night, wanting to be held and changed and fed.
Just before you collapse from exhaustion, you’ll ask God for strength to make it through.
And when he gives you strength,
He’ll also give you grace.

Then the baby will grow to be a toddler, and God will make you a Mommy again and maybe even again.
Your days will revolve around potty training, feeding schedules, and play dates.
You’ll think you never have time to yourself, and sometimes you’ll lose your patience.

You’ll yell and put the children in time out.
And when you yell, you’ll feel sorry.
You’ll ask God’s forgiveness.
And when he forgives you,
He’ll also resupply your patience.
And then He’ll give you grace … just because He can.


You’ll survive the baby years.
Surviving the baby years means it will now be time for school.
You’ll assess all your options ~ homeschool, private school, public school.

Assessing all your options will drive you to your knees.
And when you’re on your knees, you’ll ask God for wisdom to choose.
And when he gives you wisdom,
He’ll also give you grace.


The years will begin to fly by.
Flying years mean falling tears as you watch them grow way too fast.
When the oldest is nine, you’ll think how your time with him is halfway finished.

When you think of halfway finished, you’ll remember how he drank all the milk this morning.
Then you’ll remember you haven’t gone to the grocery store yet.
You’ll scoop up all the littles for a “quick trip” and struggle to get them all buckled in car seats.

Buckling the car seats reminds you they are still little.
You’ll thank God you still have many years ahead with them, but you’ll secretly wish for the day when they can buckle themselves in and you can just hop in the car and go.


And then it will happen.
They will all learn to buckle.
And they will buckle and unbuckle every day, every week, as you shuffle them back and forth.
You’ll buckle up for your own ride as you attend concerts, lessons, recitals, award ceremonies, scout meetings, and sell cookies and candles and concessions.

They’ll want to try soccer.
And once soccer is over, they’ll want to do basketball.
Basketball will lead to baseball and softball and some days you’ll consider just packing a pillow to sleep at the ball field.

When they’re not throwing a ball, they’ll be practicing an instrument.
You’ll let him try the saxophone.
And once he tries the saxophone, his little sister will want to try it also.
She’ll be so excited until she realizes her best friend is playing the flute.
Then she’ll want a flute.

Music will lead them to tap their toes.
And once they start tapping toes, they’ll want to try dance lessons.
You’ll sit outside the studio as your little ballerina bends and twirls.
As you watch her twirl, you’ll wonder how she spins like that without getting dizzy.
Spinning will make you remember you left the clothes in the washer. Four days ago.

Stinky clothes, a calendar full of color-coded dates, and an SUV with enough crumbs for a full meal will all add up to overwhelm.
Just before you collapse from all the demands and sense of mommy failure, you’ll ask God for strength to make it through.
And when he gives you strength,
He’ll also give you grace.


You’ll survive the buckle years.
Surviving the buckle years means it’s now time for driver education.
You’ll assess all your options ~ parent-taught, school-arranged, or a private firm.

Thinking of them behind the wheel will drive you to your knees.
And when you’re on your knees, you’ll ask God to protect your children.
He’ll also give you strength to let them out of your sight.
And when he gives you strength,
He’ll also give you grace.


They’ll learn to drive and they won’t need you in the same ways as before.
You’ll have more time as you enter the “by yourself” years.
You’ll survive the “by yourself” years, but some days will be hard.

When your oldest graduates high school, you’ll look up to him and tell him how proud you are.
And then you’ll cry.
And when you cry, you’ll want a kid to hold, so you’ll reach out for the baby who will still be yours for a little while longer.


One by one they will all make it to the finish line.
Your days will revolve around the last concert, the last ceremony, the last formal.
You’ll think you have way too much time to yourself, and you’ll cherish every event, every conversation, every “Mom, can you help me with …”

When they ask you for help, you’ll remember how much you love giving to them.
Then you’ll remember you have a heavenly Father who loves to give to you.
Remembering your Father will send you to your knees.

And when you’re on your knees, you’ll ask God to show you how to let go.
He’ll start by holding you as he did when you were carrying your babies.
When he holds you, he’ll whisper peace into your heart and supply the wisdom that you crave.
Then he’ll give you strength.

And when he gives you strength,

Chances are,
He’ll also give you grace.

Just because he can.


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ChristiIf God Makes You a Mommy

Comments 21

  1. LaToya

    I still have tears in my eyes from reading such soothing comforting words. I know God gives me grace each day, talks through my fears, fears of “am I doing the right thing each day as a mother”. Thank you for your words. I am a single mother of twins, boy and a girl and most days I collapsed but thank God I get up. Please pray for us, the decision of rekindling our family of mother, father, children. Only way I can see it, but I fear the unknown. I feel encouraged “God made me a mommy”.

  2. Anonymous

    As a single mom of 2 teenage girls I have found myself kneeling and crying quite often because I feel I cannot keep up or I am failing them. Between work school doctor appointments homework sports student hours and them actively wanting to volunteer I sometimes get overwhelmed, then there is that 10-15 minute window to walk the block to catch my breath snd regroup. I know it is then that god replenishing my strength energy and patience and seize the moment to thank him for another day

    1. Post

      Oh, sweet sister. I hear your pain and your struggle. I cannot imagine having done the mother thing alone. What a warrior princess you are!

      Please hold onto hope. It does get better and God gives grace and perspective for each DAY and no more. So if you can’t imagine continuing to make it down this long road, it’s ok. You don’t have to — you just have to make it today.

      If you haven’t read my “5 things I wish another mom had said to me,” I hope you will. You need to hear those things also.

      Hang in there! Praying for you now as I type this reply.

    1. Post
  3. sarahgirl3

    So beautiful! My girls had their last days of second and fourth grade yesterday. I am in the middle of this saying, “dear God, middle school is around the corner. Why?”
    Love your words!

    1. Post
  4. Linda Stoll

    Oh gorgeous, Christi … where were you 30+ years ago when I so needed this kind of encouragement! What a blessing you must be to all the mamas who rub shoulders with you.

    And to this grandmama, too! So very fine to meet you this week …

    1. Post
  5. Lorena

    Such a sweet post. A tear even came out reading the final part. I am pregnant (first child) and bumping into this in time is such a sweet reminder of the Lord. Thank you Christi for sharing and for reminding us to go through motherhood and life with His grace and strength. I am going to write your post in my journal and remember to embrace every moment with God. Blessings!

    1. Post

      So much life and joy ahead of you on this journey!

      You may not be able to ENJOY each moment, but you can choose to EMBRACE them and lean into God for strength in the tough ones. You already have so much wisdom to begin with. Good job, mama!


  6. Lois Flowers

    How many times did we read about mice and cookies and pigs and pancakes and now I can’t even remember the rest? (And thanks to you, Kohls, for pairing the books with stuffed animals, which are now as worn as the Velveteen Rabbit.) With one entering high school and one beginning middle school in the fall, I’m loving this whole thing. (Especially the part about spinning and laundry. That was ballerina daughter’s favorite part too.)

    1. Post
  7. BlessingCounterDeb

    Love this, Christi! So much sweet truth! I would love it if you would add it to the Blog Hop at CMB this week. I know so many will be touched by it as I am. I love the way you encourage the momma heart! Blessings to you!!

    1. Post
  8. winterlawson00

    Tears are streaming down my face over just how true this is! Time just races by, yesterday mine finished 6th and 2nd grade and I still feel like they should be in preschool! Sharing this with my mama friends!

    1. Post

      Time does race by. I’m graduating my baby this week and I just want to ask, “Who authorized this warp speed?” Thank you for being here.

    1. Post
  9. Michelle

    Wonderful! I needed that. It’s so easy to get caught up in it and not reflect. The struggles are real BUT so are the BLESSINGS!

    1. Post

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