When we feel we are alone it is hardWelcome! I’m so glad you are here.

Here’s a little introduction to why I write and what has received the most attention so far.

The Reason for this Blog

I write and speak so that others know they aren’t alone.
Life is hard and those who are trying to make a difference are often the ones who need the MOST encouragement.

This is especially true for parents (as evidenced by the top posts below).
However, I write more about Christian living in general than I do about parenting. This is not a parenting blog, despite the “cheerio” name.

I write about the hard stuff of life ~ but never without leaving you with a reminder of why there is MORE HOPE than hard because of Jesus. (If you don’t know Jesus, please see the “Hope” page.)

The Reason for the Name

This blog was named for a trick I learned when teaching my children to “cruise” – that stage between crawling and walking when they hold onto furniture while taking their first few steps.

During this stage, I would strategically place cheerios on the couch at intervals far enough apart to cause my child to take the next step.

I learned that if there was too much distance between them and the next cheerio, they would lose interest.
But if it was just within reach, they would venture out with one more step.
Thus, the cheerio trail encouraged them to keep going.

If you find yourself in the “in between” stage, I pray that something here encourages you to keep going.

If you’re curious about me (Christi) check out the “About” page.

Reader Favorites – All Time

#1 5 things I wish another mom had said to me
As a younger mom, I would have loved to hear these words from an older mom who remembered what it felt like, and who could assure me it would get better.

#2 If God makes you a Mommy
In the pattern of “If you give a mouse a cookie,” this cute post travels the journey of motherhood and reminds moms everywhere that God sustains you in each season of parenting.

#3 6 fatherhood lessons I with all men could learn
In a culture that devalues fatherhood, we need role models, and this one tops my list. FatherDon’t miss number 6!  It can be a game-changer in parenting young adults.

Recent Reader Favorites

If Demons Held a National Convention
In a style that reflects the Screwtape Letters, explore how the enemy of Christians might use American politics to distract and neutralize believers. Sometimes fiction can open our eyes to see reality more clearly.

5 things to do when you go through the valley
If your path is currently through the valley or you see one in your future, here are five things I’ve learned make the difference in the ability to endure.

5-part Strategy for Christians questioning their calling
The enemy uses our passion for being in God’s will against us. We want (NEED) to know our obedience matters to the kingdom. But when the battle rages, we’re tempted to wonder if we wandered into a war that wasn’t necessary. And the enemy shouts, “Who do you think you are? Did God really call you here? If this is where you’re supposed to be, why is it so hard?”

Other Reader Favorites


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