Christi Gee

Making Life and Words Count

Faith Blogger & Inspirational Speaker

I write and speak so that others know they aren’t alone.

On the blog (The Cheerio Trail) and on the podcast (Embracing the Journey), you’ll find relatable stories, relevant experience, practical life application, and foundational biblical truth ~ all packaged to Encourage YOU as YOU Inspire Others.

I love speaking to women at retreats, mom events, or simple gatherings of sisters looking to “just keep swimming” together.

Contact me at Christi {at} if you think I can serve you.

Marketing Professional & Freelance Writer / Editor

I help churches and faith-based nonprofits clarify their message and market their services so their ministry thrives.

I also work with Christians who want to expand their business in a Christ-honoring way using the latest marketing strategies.

I served for years as Director of Development and Marketing at a private K-12 school and as a director in the Marketing department at Liberty University (Virginia).

I have written:
~ marketing copy
~ development & fundraising appeals
~ Bible curriculum
~ inspirational devotionals
and a myriad of other genres for almost three decades.

I established the first Quality Control department and writer training at Liberty University during my time as a director.

If you’re looking for someone with:

  • a solid Biblical worldview
  • decades of marketing leadership & writing experience
  • in-depth knowledge about churches and nonprofits
  • reputation for being quick to listen and the first to run toward a problem

please email me so we can talk about how I can help you:
Christi {at}

Wife, Mom & Child of God

I love Jesus, my Savior, and walk in His grace daily, as I certainly can’t do this on my own.Ed kiss

I married my high school sweetheart 27 years ago.
We have three children of our own and one by marriage – our son’s wife.
Two of them are fully launched and the youngest is spreading her wings at college.

I’ve been teaching the Bible since I was a teen — when I interned under some very patient and wise mentors.

Three decades of children’s ministry, three years teaching junior high Bible in a private school, and years of youth ministry and women’s ministry have left my heart full and my mind blown.

God’s Word is still fresh every time I study it.



I don’t know why you’re here or why you stayed long enough to get to the end ~ smile.

Here’s what I do know:

We all need to know we aren’t alone.
We need to hear others say, “This is hard.”
We also need to be reminded that God is faithful and working for our good.

I also know encouragers need encouragement.

I have something that might help: my Scripture mini-guide, 6 Cries of the Heart.
It comes with a link to a companion set of praise song playlists. It’s free for my email friends.

Yes, send it to me

Encouraging You as You Inspire others,

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